Elf ear headband slider ITH embroidery design
Christmas Elf ear headband slider ITH embroidery design
Spock Star Trek pointy ear headband slider ITH embroidery design

Pointy Ears ITH Headband Slider Applique Embroidery File

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These adorable pointy ears are perfect for Halloween, Christmas, or cosplay! The  in the hoop embroidery design could be used for a fantasy elf costume, holiday elf, other pointy-eared entity. For this design, the sliders should be placed low on the headband and the headband worn in front of your ears instead of behind to cover your natural ears. The completed ears are meant to be stitched using non-fraying fabric such as felt or vinyl and then slid onto a headband. Includes full instructions. 

8 formats and 2 hoop sizes are included in a zip file:

4 ×4 - each ear is 3.75" tall (each ear is a separate stitch file)

5 ×7 - each ear is 4.5" tall (both ears done in one hooping)

The headband opening is 0.625 inches for both sizes

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