A white women with glasses is holding an open offwhite journal in front of her face. The journal has a square design in red, blue, and white that parodies a sports logo but with a video game controller. She stands in front of a white wall.

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Geek Shop

And Parody Palace
Four black women are sitting on a bench in front of a white wall with geometric black artwork. The women are smiling and laughing. Each woman has a shirt with an applique or embroidery design on the front.

with Style

For Any Occasion
White-presenting teen girl cosplayed as the 12th Doctor from Doctor Who wears a blue and white woven fabric scarf while playing an electric guitar in front of an urban building.

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Be You

Woven Fabric with Personality
A smiling black woman holds a throw pillow in front of her. The pillow is black with a white communication board planchette design with lines radiating out from it. She stands against a grey wall.

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One-stop shopping for  applique and embroidery designs to use with computerized sewing machines,  SVG and papercraft files to use with electronic cutting machines and printers,  ready-to-wear printed apparel  merchandise, as well as products made from our beautiful  woven fabric.

We are dedicated to supporting you in the effort to fight COVID-19. Our Pleated Face Mask Patterns have been free since April 2020 and will continue to be free as long as they are needed.

You can also find us on third party sites such as  Spoonflower where we offer  printed fabric, or at our  Teepublic shop to find  t-shirts and other merchandise, featuring even more of our designs.