Shirt with a mock stethoscope applique design

Mock Stethoscope and Pocket Applique Embroidery Design

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Perfect for current or aspiring healthcare workers, this applique design will leave them in stitches! It includes both ends of a stethoscope, along with an applique pocket with a pen peeking out. The left and right sides of the stethoscope are done in separate stitch files so that you can position them exactly where they need to go. The pocket is part of the right side file. The smallest size included is best suited for a newborn or preemie size or for teddy bear clothes.

8 formats & 6 sizes for each side included in a zip file:

95mm / 3.74″ tall for hoops 4×4 and larger
117.6mm / 4.63″ tall for hoops 5×7 and larger
141.4mm / 5.57″ tall for hoops 5×7 and larger
175.1mm / 6.89″ tall for hoops 5×7 and larger
203.3mm / 8″ tall for 8×8 or 6×10 hoops and larger
228.7mm / 9″ tall for 6×10 hoops and larger

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