Shirt with an applique design that says "LOVE" set on a square. The LOVE is spelled out with various comic symbols.

LOVE Superheroes Applique and Embroidery Design

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Love superheroes? Show it! A parody of the famous pop art piece, this applique design has the word "LOVE" set on a square incorporated with comic book references. The L has a pair of torn shorts and an archery bow in front as well as a tooth necklace. In place of the O is a target with a heart in the middle. The V is formed from the center of a reactor and a hammer sits in front. The E has been stylized with spider webs and a black widow spider crawling on it.

8 formats and 4 hoop sizes included in a zip file:

4 x 4 inch = 21,120 stitches
5 x 7 inch = 27,670 stitches
6 x 10 inch = 30,640 stitches
8 x 8 inch** = 48,310 stitches

Counts may vary slightly depending on the format. Please note, this is a highly detailed design with 21 stops total.

*All XXX sizes required two files, A and B, due to the number of color stops.

**Due to the number of color stops, PEC is not available in 8×8.

Stitching Order

Steps are separated by color changes. Please do not color sort or combine colors. If you are using a multi-needle machine, please set it to stop for color changes.

What's Included?

**Only the text described (if any) is included in the design.**

THIS LISTING IS NOT FOR AN ACTUAL STITCH OUT, BUT FOR THE FILE. Sample stitch is for demonstration purposes only.

Any extra items shown in the image do not come with the design unless specified here that they are included. These are just examples of what can be done with the designs.

Required Tools

Note: This is a machine embroidery design, not a PDF for hand embroidery. You must have an embroidery machine and a method in which to transfer the design files to your machine in order to use this design.

Your files will come in a ZIP folder. You must have software to unzip the files. Once they are unzipped, you can transfer them from your computer to your embroidery machine.


Please read our Terms of Use for specific license and copyright information.


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