Purchase of our designs indicates that you comply with all terms and conditions listed on this page.

Designs featuring our pop culture-inspired, parody artwork are intended for personal/cosplay use only. All other designs can be incorporated onto physical items to be sold in your own physical or internet-based shop, except when specified otherwise within the product listing. However, mass production of products featuring Designed by Geeks, LLC artwork is not allowable without written consent. Products made from these designs must be produced by you and not by any third party, such as Spoonflower, TeePublic, Cafe Press, Zazzle, or similar, as uploading the design files to a third party vendor violates the terms of our copyright.


All Designed by Geeks, LLC designs and files are protected in the United States by the applicable copyright and trademark laws. You may never copy, trade, sell, transmit, share, give away, or include any design (or design file component) from Designed by Geeks, LLC in any digital set. Read the law here.

Designed by Geeks, LLC will pursue all person’s who do not comply with our copyright policies.

Using Our Images On Your Website

The purchase of a Designed by Geeks, LLC design(s) does not entitle you to download or display the image(s) of that design found on our website. This includes any free designs available on our website.

You may only display the image of one of our designs on your site if it is a picture of an item you have produced from one of our designs. That is to say that you may use our design to stitch out a sample and place an image of that sample on your website.


If you have a website where you intend to sell finished products featuring our designs, you may use our graphics on your site to provide an example of the design after you have obtained written permission*. To obtain written permission, send an email to support@designedbygeeks.com or fill out our Contact Form. Please note, this exception pertains to your website or e-commerce site only. Our images may never be used on an auction website or on any website where our designs are sold by us including, but not limited to, Etsy, Craftsy, Spoonflower, Teepublic, etc.

*When displaying one of our images on your site, you must provide a note in the description stating that the design is the sole property of Designed by Geeks, LLC.

Improper use of Designed by Geeks, LLC designs and/or their likeness will result in refusal to provide written permission for use of our graphics and may result in legal action.