Rhinestone I heart my moms and daddies designs
Rhinestone I heart my moms
Rhinestone I heart my daddies
Rhinestone I heart my daddies

Rhinestone LGBT Parents Pride Heart SVG Template Set

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Kids of LGBT parents will sparkle during Pride Month or any time of year with these adorable rhinestone designs! This template set includes two SVG files, each with a rainbow heart. One says "I [heart] my daddies," and the other says "I [heart] my moms." Also includes a variation with "I [heart] my mums."

This template set creates finished rhinestone designs in the following sizes:

  • Daddies design measures 5.8″ wide x 5.5″ tall
  • Moms and Mums designs measure 5.1″ wide x 5.2″ tall

The files are meant for use with SS10 rhinestones in the following quantities:

  • red (for each heart) = 22
  • orange (for each heart) = 33
  • yellow (for each heart) = 31
  • green (for each heart) = 24
  • blue (for each heart) = 16
  • purple (for each heart) = 9
  • words in the Daddies design = 217
  • words in the Moms design = 194
  • words in the Mums design = 195

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