Order Questions

In many cases, yes. Please see our Terms of Service, sections 1 and 2 for details of what is allowed and what isn't. Unless otherwise noted, free designs are for personal use only and products made using free designs may not be sold.

Purchase of our designs indicates that you comply with all terms and conditions listed in our Terms.

To inquire about obtaining an Enterprise License for high volume mass production (above 500 units) for a design, please contact us for a quote..

When you order a digital item, if you wish, you can download the files from the "Thank you" screen that appears right after you complete the check out process. Click one of the "Download Now" buttons to be taken to the download page.

If you do not wish to download immediately after checkout, you can do so from the order confirmation email or the download email that was sent to you after checkout. Both of these emails will contain links to download your file(s). If you did not get these emails, check your spam, junk, promo, or other folders for an email message from support@designedbygeeks.com.

You can also visit https://dbg.fetchapp.com/orders, input the order number and email used, and click "Find Order." You will then be provided with download links for each file within that order.

If you cannot find the order email or your order number, go to our website at designedbygeeks.com, click on the profile icon at the top right, and log in to your account. After logging in, you will be on the "My account" page that includes your order history. Click on the order numbers to view the details of what was ordered and view the order numbers. Then go to Fetch App as instructed above to download.

You can download all the files from your order with one click if you have a free Dropbox account.

Visit https://dbg.fetchapp.com/orders, input the order number and email used, and click "Find Order." From the order download page, just click the Save to Dropbox button.

A window will pop up allowing you to either sign in or create a free Dropbox account.

Once signed in, you'll be asked to choose a location. Once you have the location you want, just click Save.

You can then move the zip file from Dropbox to your computer either one at a time or select multiple files and click Download to get them to download together in one zip file.

The majority of our designs are compressed. You must be able to unzip the designs prior to use. To do so you must have appropriate software installed on your computer. Refunds will not be issued due to inability to unzip.

Right-click on the zip file to select the option for opening (extract, decompress, and unzip are the most frequently seen options), take note of the location the files will be saved, then click Open.

Please refer to our Refund Policy.

If you ordered digital items, you'll be able to download your files as soon as payment has been completed.

For physical items, please refer to our Shipping Policy.

Go to our website at designedbygeeks.com, click on the profile icon at the top right, and log in to your account. After logging in, you will be on the "My account" page that includes your order history. Click on the order numbers to view the details of what was ordered and view the order numbers.

To download the files from any previous order, visit https://dbg.fetchapp.com/orders, input the order number and email used, and click "Find Order." You will then be provided with download links for each file within that order.

SVG File Questions

In many cases, you can use the SVG without a cutting machine using your printer. Some designs intended for paper can be printed and cut by hand. You can find instructions on how to use SVG designs without a cutting machine HERE.

SVG – for Cricut Explore (using Cricut Design Space), Silhouette, Brother, and various other cutting machines. For Silhouette users, you need the paid "Designer Edition" version of the Silhouette Studio software to open SVG files. In some cases, there may be a Silhouette or Cricut specific version of the SVG file and the file name will reflect which one you should use. This file type can also be used for print by following our instructions.

PNG– non-cuttable image for reference and print (colors and size cannot be changed). If you need to change the size and/or colors, use the SVG and follow our instructions for printing SVG files.

DXF– for use with various other machines and software such as Graphtec and autoCAD. This is also the file type Silhouette users will use if they are running the free version of the Silhouette Studio software.

Additionally, some designs may also include a PDF for print, and/or an EPS for use with vector editing software.

Many computers have a web browser or other program set as the default program to open SVG files, so the file type may be incorrectly listed within your downloaded folder. Other computers don't know how to correctly identify DXF files. Your computer may incorrectly list HTML, Chrome, or another web browser or program as the file's type. The best way to see the actual file types is to make sure your file extensions are showing. Most computers will have file extensions hidden by default. You can show them by following the instructions linked below.


Once you have the file extensions visible, you should look for the file with a name that ends in .svg, .png, or .dxf under the Name column.

If you are still having trouble identifying which file you need to use, please contact us with a screen grab of what you see in the folder and what type of cutting machine you use and we can help you identify which is the correct file for your machine.

Please visit our Help Article for troubleshooting steps if you are having issues uploading to Cricut.

Please note that we are not a general Cricut support site, so if you purchased a design from somewhere other than Designed by Geeks, the above help article may help fix your problem, but if that doesn't work, unfortunately we are not able to provide assistance for files purchased from other sellers. Please reach out to the seller directly for help.

Score lines need to be manually set in Cricut Design Space for files that do not come directly from Cricut.

  1. Right click to UnGroup the design.
  2. Select the object that should be a score line from
    the list at the right.
  3. At the top left, change the operation from “Basic Cut” to “Score.”
  4. Attach the score lines to their corresponding piece by selecting both objects and clicking “Attach” at the bottom right.
  5. Repeat for all score lines contained in the design.

Note that Cricut users need a scoring tool for their machine to be able to use the score lines.

If you need further help, please watch our YouTube tutorial video:


For SVG files requiring assembly, an instruction PDF with written instructions will be included in the design folder.

In some cases, a YouTube video tutorial link may also be included.

If you still need help after referring to the written instructions and/or tutorial video, please contact us for help.

For most software, you can ungroup the design by right-clicking and choosing ungroup.

For elements of the design that are a compound path, rather than grouped pieces, please follow our tutorial for How to Break Apart a Design.

If you need a PNG of the file, most of our SVG designs include a PNG version for reference. However, if the included PNG doesn't suit your needs, you can create your own custom color and/or size PNG.

Instructions on how to create a PNG from the SVG file can be found below. Using Inkscape requires downloading the Inkscape software. Photopea does not require downloading any software, it can be done from a web browser.

* For the Photopea instructions, follow steps 1 through 8, and if no additional changes are needed, jump ahead to step 33.

You can save the SVG as a PDF (and make changes to the SVG) using the free online program Photopea.

If you wish to make any changes to the SVG file before saving as a PDF (such as the page size, image size, or colors), follow the instructions HERE first.

If you don't wish to make any changes to the file, you can just use the original SVG file.

In either case, to save the SVG as a PDF, visit the instructions linked below. Follow steps 1 through 8, then if you don't need to make any further changes before saving, jump ahead to step 37 to save the SVG as a PDF.

Save SVG as PDF File using Photopea

SVG files may upload at different sizing depending on which machine and software you use. You can change the SVG to any size you need directly in your cutting machine software.

The size is only limited by your material size and the available cutting area of your particular machine.

When resizing a design, please be sure to scale all pieces together proportionally so that the design will fit together correctly.

Certain designs (such as gift card holders or rhinestone designs) may need to be a specific size. Please refer to the design instructions and/or product listing details to make sure the design has uploaded as the correct size in your software. If your software has changed the size of the design, resize to the dimensions indicated in the instructions and/or product listing details.

For some designs, we may offer printed apparel, home goods, or accessories featuring the design. You can find those under the Printed Products category on our website.

If there's a design you like that we don't already offer as a Printed Product, contact us to see if this is a product we can add for you.

For 3D and paper SVG designs, such as boxes, gift card holders, cards, etc., unfortunately we only offer the files to make these designs, not the physical items themselves.

Embroidery and Applique Questions

The product description will list the included file types and sizes offered for that particular design. In general, most of our designs will be available in the following 8 formats:


Some designs may include more formats. Please confirm by reading the product description.

To request a design be updated to include an additional format, please contact us.

Steps are separated by color changes. Please do not color sort or combine colors. If you are using a multi-needle machine, please set it to stop for color changes. Exceptions are clearly marked and usually occur when an element is intended to appear behind another element and those two elements are two different colors. (Eg.: A turtle’s legs meant to appear to be underneath a turtle’s shell.) Some of our older designs were separated by stop commands instead of color changes. This may cause extra jump stitches on some machines.

Please consult your manufacturer or retailer for more information about the file formats compatible with your device.

Please check the troubleshooting steps listed below:

  • Is the file size you are uploading compatible with your machine's hoop size?
  • Are you uploading the correct file type for your machine?
  • Did you unzip the design folder before uploading the file to your machine?
  • Did you open the file in any software before trying to transfer it to your machine?
  • Have you tried transferring it without opening it in Embrilliance? Sometimes third party software can have issues saving.
  • Did you rotate the file or make any changes?
  • Have you checked for a firmware update for your machine?

If you are still having issues after confirming the above, please contact us for further assistance. Be sure to include your machine make and model, the file you are using, and which file type you are trying to upload.

In some cases we can offer customized versions or sizes of our existing embroidery and applique designs.

Please contact us for a quote. Please include the design you are requesting, what size(s) you would like, your machine's make and model, the format needed, and any other information about what you need for the modified design.

If you're already familiar with machine embroidery, doing applique designs only requires a few extra steps and is easy to do.

We've created a written tutorial with the basic steps for working with an applique design.

In many cases, yes. We have thousands of designs and since digitizing for embroidery is more time-consuming than creating SVG designs, we have a great many designs on our to do list that we haven't completed yet.

If we are intending to offer the design for embroidery, for a small fee in addition to the anticipated regular design price, we can move the design to the "top of the list" and send it to you.

Please contact us to see if we'll be adding the design as an embroidery design later, and for a price quote if so.

Yes, we offer custom embroidery designs. Please note that we couldn't copy someone else's work, but we might be able to make something with a similar theme or style. If using a logo or other trademarked or copyrighted image, you would need the legal rights to use the image for us to be able to create the embroidery.

Please contact us for a quote. Be sure to include the size(s) and format(s) needed, your machine make and model, and any relevant details about the design.

Unfortunately we only offer the machine embroidery files, we are not currently available for hire to sew the completed designs.

Printed and Woven Product Questions

For shirts measured in width/length, you can find your right fit by doing the following:

  1. Grab a t-shirt you already own that fits how you like and lay it out flat on a smooth surface
  2. Measure the width of the shirt from armpit to armpit
  3. Measure the length of the shirt from the highest part of the shoulder to the bottom hem
  4. Use these width and length measurements to select the size you want using the size chart

For infant bodysuits, measure the length from the shoulder to the bottom of the onesie when it's snapped.

If there's an SVG or embroidery design you like that we don't already offer as a Printed Product, contact us to see if this is a product we can add for you.

Unfortunately we are no longer offering wraps or carriers at this time.