Mustache bash themed party centerpieces on sticks. One says "little man" with a tie, one has a number 1 with a mustache, and one says "baby" with a mustache and bow tie.
Mustache themed cupcake toppers. Also has matching cupcake toppers with the number 6.
Water bottle wrapper with a tie, and table tent with a mustache.
Party banner with scalloped circles and a mustache.

Mustache Bash Party Decor SVG Set

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We MUSTACHE you a question and can't SHAVE IT for later... Are you planning a mustache bash? This SVG set includes multiple components that can be used to make various party decor items, such as banners, centerpiece sticks, cupcake toppers, table tents, photo props, birthday shirts, straw flags, and more! Includes the following designs:
  • scalloped circle with 2 plain inner circles
  • handlebar mustache
  • numbers 1 through 6 with a background outline
  • the phrase "little man" with a background outline
  • the word "baby" with a background outline
  • a neck tie shape
  • a bow tie shape

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