6 holiday icons made out of paper with a buffalo plaid pattern: holly, stocking, dreidel, santa hat, round bell, reindeer bust
2 folded tees on a wood surface with presents to the side. One tee has a buffalo plaid sprig of holly, the other has a buffalo plaid reindeer bust.
A hand holds a large paper stocking with a buffalo plaid cutout pattern.

Buffalo Plaid Holiday Icons Set SVG File Cutting Template

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Celebrate a rustic holiday season with this set of 6 SVG festive icons featuring a buffalo plaid pattern. Includes a sprig of holly, a stocking, a dreidel, a Santa hat, a round sleigh bell, and a deer bust. Each has a border outline, but many of them can be used without the border as well. Each also comes in a version optimized for paper and a single color version.

Please note that with the buffalo plaid pattern, this design may require a fair amount of weeding depending on which file and medium you are using. The regular file is designed to have the least amount of weeding when using vinyl, the paper and single color files are designed to be the easiest to weed when using paper. Some of the icons may not be practical for use at smaller sizes due to the thinness of the lines within the buffalo plaid pattern.

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