A tea bag with a "drink me" tag, a tea cup with a "take me" tag, a cupcake with an "eat me" tag, a straw with a "drink me" flag, and a table tent labeled "chamomile drink me." The tags are all in ivory with brown print.
Pink and blue frosted cupcakes with tag toppers that say "eat me"
A table tent that is labeled "cupcakes" and says "eat me" at the bottom. The card is ivory with tan stripes and a burgundy bow. Behind it are cupcakes with tag toppers that say "eat me."
A party banner made of playing cards that says "Happy Birthday." In front on a table are Alice in Wonderland plush toys, cupcakes, party bags, and tea cups.
Two table tents on ivory paper with tan stripes and burgundy bows. The tents say "water" and "pepperoni pizza." Underneath they say "drink me" and "eat me."
Three tea cups with a table tent in front. The tent is ivory with tan stripes and a label that says "apple juice. " Below it says "drink me."
A pink and white striped straw with an ivory straw flag that says "drink me."
A tea cup with a tag fastened with pink ribbon that says "take me." laying in front of it is a tea bag with a tag that says "drink me."
Two ivory tags with pink bows that each say "eat me."
Frosted cupcakes that have tag toppers saying "eat me. " In front is an ivory table tent with tan stripes and a burgundy bow that is labeled "cupcakes" with "eat me" below.

Alice in Wonderland Party Set PDF

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These adorable tents and tags will be the hit of your party! Perfect for birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, or even weddings with an Alice in Wonderland theme! Here we have them printed in ivory paper, but you can print it on whatever color of paper best matches your party theme! Add your own ribbon or other embellishments to make them all your own!

This set includes 5 different party items:

  • Table Tents that say "drink me" and "eat me" - You can type in your own food and beverage names. Each tent measures 3.75×2.25 inches when folded.
  • Favor Tags that say "take me." Each favor tag measures 2.5 inches wide.
  • Beverage Tags that say "drink me." The beverage tags measure 2 inches wide.
  • Cupcake Toppers (or Food Tags) that say "eat me." The cupcake toppers measure 2 inches wide.
  • Straw Flags that say "drink me." Each straw flag measures 2.5 inches wide when wrapped around a straw.

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