2 Inch Varsity Numbers & Punctuation SVG Rhinestone Template

2 Inch Varsity Numbers and Punctuation SVG Rhinestone Template

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This SVG template allows you to make numbers and various punctuation marks out of rhinestones. This makes a perfect addition to our rhinestone alphabet (sold separately)! Or use holographic or metallic HTV for a faux rhinestone look. The set is in a varsity athletic style, great for school and sports.

For use with SS10 rhinestones. The base height of each number is 2 inches tall. Some punctuation marks may be shorter or taller. Each number is made out of between 27 and 50 rhinestones each for the numbers, and between 8 and 72 for the punctuation symbols.

The correct design size for the entire set of numbers is 9.6 × 10.625 inches

Alphabet not included, but can be purchased separately.

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