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Classic Car SVG design
1950s Classic Car SVG File Cutting Template

Relive the 1950s with this classic car SVG design. Features the side view of a car with fins and the words “Keep it Classic” above in fifties style.

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steampunk sunglasses
Steampunk Sunglasses SVG File Cutting Template

This ineffable SVG design features a pair of round steampunk sunglasses with a side piece. Also comes in a single color variation.

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Stranger Things set
1980s TV Series SVG File Cutting Template Set

This set of designs is inspired by Stranger Things. It includes 5 designs:

  • Hawkins 1983 Audio Visual Club
  • The Eighties Rule (outline)
  • The Eighties Rule (solid)
  • My Name is Eleven (outline)
  • My Name is Eleven (solid)
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Stranger Business SVG
Stranger Business SVG File Cutting Template Set
Stranger Business SVG File Cutting Template Set

This set of 9 SVG designs features businesses that can be seen around Hawkins. Great for cosplayers! Features the following logos:

  • Arcade
  • Benny’s Burgers
  • Lifeguard for Hawkins Pool
  • HNL (from Hawkins National Laboratory)
  • HAWK (from movie theater)
  • Lynx Transportation
  • Bradley’s Big Buy
  • Hawkins Power and Light
  • Starcourt
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70s vehicles svg set
Vintage Van and Bug SVG Cutting File Template

This pair of vintage vehicles will bring out your inner love child. There is a bug with the word “LOVE” and a van with the word “PEACE.” Each can be used with or without the word and also come in a single color version.

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Rhinestone Mix Tape SVG File Template

Nothing shines like the 1980s! This SVG template allows you to make a mix tape out of SS10 size rhinestones.

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Foil Quill mix tape
Paper Sketch mix tape
Mix Tape SVG SKETCH Single Line Drawing File Template

This fun mix tape design will have you reliving the glory days of the 1980s! This is a single line SVG sketch design and looks great with both pens or using Foil Quill.

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Foil quill art deco frame
Paper Sketch
Art Deco Frame Single Line SKETCH and Traditional SVG

This beautiful decorative square art deco frame comes in both single line sketch and traditional SVG formats. This design looks particularly nice when using Foil Quill.

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LP Album and 45 Record SVG File Cutting Template

Love that old time rock and roll? This set of designs includes a regular LP album and a 45 RPM record. They are pre-sized to be actual size, but you can change the scale if you wish. Great for party decorations and more! Or use just the labels to add to real records. Each record also comes in a single color version.

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Save It Floppy Disk SVG File Cutting Template

This punny SVG design has a 1990s style floppy disk with the phrase “save it” underneath. It also comes in a single color version.

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Hawkins tourism SVG
Beautiful Hawkins SVG File Cutting Template

This is a retro-style tourist design for Hawkins, Indiana. The SVG file includes the phrase “beautiful Hawkins Indiana” with vintage style stripes on the word Hawkins. The design also includes the silhouette of an 80s style bicycle with a banana seat.

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Ghost Quotes SVG File Cutting Template

Get ready for busting some ghosts with this pair of quote designs. One says, “Don’t cross the streams” with electrical streams behind it. The other design says “I ain’t afraid of no ghost” with slimy letters on the word ghost. There is also an alternate version with a circle slash for the the letter O in ghost.

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Rotary Phone Who You Gonna Call SVG File Cutting Template

This retro SVG design has the phrase “Who you gonna call?” with the phone number 555-2368 and a rotary phone. The phone could also be used on its own in 1 or 2 colors.

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D20 I’m a Natural SVG File Cutting Template

Inspired by role-playing and dice games such as Dungeons and Dragons, this SVG design has a D20 die displaying the number 20 and the words “I’m a natural.” The die comes in a solid version and can also be used on its own.

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spoilers leggings
spoilers leggings
Spoilers Plus Size Leggings in Vintage Blue

These leggings are the perfect thing to wear when you want to join The Doctor on an adventure through time and space! Features white timey-wimey symbols and phrases inspired by Doctor Who on a blue background.

Please note that clothing sizes and fit may not be consistent between different colors, designs, styles, or products. We do not accept returns or exchanges due to size, so for each item, please check the size chart tab in the description section to ensure that you order the correct size for your needs.

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