Rockabilly Headband Tutorial

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Add a little sass to your look with this retro classic, the rockabilly headband! It’s easy to make and fun to wear. And it looks great no matter what your hair type, cut, or color!

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 or 2 cute fabrics (see step 1 for size)
❤ matching thread
❤ scissors or rotary cutter (for fabric)
❤ ruler and/or measuring tape
❤ sewing machine
❤ printer (a black and white printer is fine)
❤ scissors (for paper)
❤ needle (for hand sewing at the end)


Here’s how to make it:

  1. Cut two pieces of fabric with each piece measuring 3 ½ inches wide by 36 inches long. You can use two different fabrics to make it reversible. Just make sure both fabrics look nice together as you will be able to see a bit of the opposite side when the finished headband is worn.HB-1
  2. Iron the two pieces of fabric.
  3. Print out THIS FREE PATTERN and cut it out of the paper.
  4. Place the pattern at one end of one of the fabric pieces and use it as a guide to trim the end into a point. Repeat for each end of both pieces.HB-4
  5. Place the two pieces together, right side in, and pin in place.
  6. Sew together with a ½ inch seam allowance all around, but leave a gap of about 3 inches unsewn along the non-pointed section.HB-6
  7. Snip off the points at the ends, careful not to cut too close to your stitches.HB-7
  8. Turn right side out. You can use something narrow (but not sharp) like a chopstick to help turn out the pointed ends.
  9. Iron and hand stitch the opening closed.HB-9
  10. To wear, wrap around your head then tie it in a knot.


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