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Mama 1 Papi 1
Numero 1 Mama y Papi SVG File Cutting Template

This SVG design duo is perfect for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Each has a large number 1 with either a necklace or a necktie and the words “Mamá” and “Papi” respectively. This means Mommy and Daddy in Spanish. Single color/layer versions of each design are also included. In the multicolor version, the tie can be done with or without stripes. In the single color version, there are no stripes on the tie.

Este dúo de diseño SVG es perfecto para el Día de la Madre y el Día del Padre. Cada uno tiene un gran número 1 con un collar o una corbata y las palabras “Mamá” y “Papi” respectivamente. También se incluyen versiones de un solo color / capa de cada diseño. En la versión multicolor, la corbata se puede hacer con o sin rayas. En la versión de un solo color, no hay rayas en la corbata.

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grandparents bundle
I Heart My Grandparents Embroidery Design Bundle

This embroidery set features 5 embroidered designs that say “I [heart symbol] my [grandparent title].” The five grandparent titles are grandparents, grandma, grandpa, nana, and papa.

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Baby's Year of Firsts SVG File Template Set of 16
Baby's Year of Firsts SVG File Template Set of 16
Baby’s Year of Firsts SVG File Template Set of 16

Adorable first year design set features 16 different designs celebrating different holidays and events in your baby’s first year. Each design has a large number 1 with a cute seasonal image.

Set includes:
• New Year’s party hat and confetti
• Layered birthday cake with a single candle
• Baby cupid with a bow
• Pot of gold
• Easter bunny
• Spring chick with umbrella
• Beaded MOM necklace
• Striped tie with DAD
• Summer sand castle and sand pail
• Star with stars and stripes on the 1
• Halloween jack-o-lantern
• Thanksgiving turkey
• Hanukkah dreidel
• Gingerbread man
• Dual holiday Christmas tree with Hanukkah dreidel
• Winter snowman

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