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Pizza SVG set
Pepperoni Pizza SVG File Cutting Template Set

Show off your love of pizza with this set of SVG designs. Each also comes in a single color version. Includes the following designs:

  • Cheesy pepperoni pizza slice
  • Slice of pizza top view with a split for adding your own text
  • Whole pizza pie top view
  • Word “PIZZA” with a slice for the A
  • Pizza paddle
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Nautical svg designs
Nautical SVG File Cutting Template Set

This beautiful SVG design set features 4 nautical designs. Includes full color and single color versions for each:

  • Lighthouse
  • Life Preserver
  • Ship’s Wheel
  • Anchor with Rope
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Modern Earrings SVG Design Bundle

Make your own earrings or pendants with this bundle of jewelry SVG designs. This set includes 20 different modern and geometric shapes. Includes a version with and without holes.

This is an SVG file for use with paper, vinyl, leather, or other jewelry-making materials that can be cut with a cutting machine that can read one of the included file types.

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grandparents bundle
I Heart My Grandparents Embroidery Design Bundle

This embroidery set features 5 embroidered designs that say “I [heart symbol] my [grandparent title].” The five grandparent titles are grandparents, grandma, grandpa, nana, and papa.

$15.00 $8.00
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Kiss Me Applique Embroidery Bundle Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day

Bundle and save with this set of TEN machine applique & embroidery files to embroider the words “kiss me” with various design graphics. Some designs are for Valentine’s Day, some are for St. Patrick’s Day, and some work for both.

There are 5 different designs with two versions each: one in a modern sans serif, the other has the words in cursive. The 5 designs are:

❤ A large 4 leaf clover made from 4 applique hearts spaced close together
❤ A grouping of 4 applique hearts
❤ Embroidered lips as the dot for the i
❤ An applique heart as the dot for the i
❤ A small embroidered shamrock as the dot for the i

$36.00 $14.00
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Christmas Ornament Set-03
Holiday Ornament Set of 6 Applique Embroidery Designs

This is a set of six holiday ornament applique embroidery designs includes:

  • round ornament
  • round ornament with a circle for a monogram
  • onion-shaped ornament
  • onion-shaped ornament with a circle for a monogram
  • teardrop-shaped holiday ornament
  • vintage fancy antique shape ornament
$24.00 $12.00
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