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Triquetra embroidery
Triquetra Embroidery Design File

Invoke the power of three with this triquetra symbol Celtic knot embroidery. The design stitches in two parts to give it an intertwined look because nothing says power like a bunch of intertwined lines that you couldn’t untangle if you tried.

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Baby Bib ITH Pattern
Baby Bib ITH Pattern
Baby Bib ITH Applique Embroidery Design File

This adorable in the hoop design allows you to make a baby bib. You can even add your own embroidery design to the front! This would make a perfect baby shower or new baby gift. Full instructions included.

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Mask ITH main features
Masks Angled
ITH Pleated Face Mask Applique Embroidery Design

This in the hoop (ITH) embroidery machine design allows you to make a pleated mask with a pocket. The pocket can be used to add extra filtration material. This versatile design also includes instructions for using elastic, bias tape, or ribbon to secure the mask to your face. There are also optional instructions for making the mask mold to the shape of your nose. Full assembly instructions are included.


  • Pleated front
  • 3 Size options (see description)
  • 3 Strap options
  • Filter pocket
  • Flexible nose piece (optional)
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Stethoscope shirt
Mock Stethoscope and Pocket Applique Embroidery Design

Perfect for current or aspiring healthcare workers, this applique design will leave them in stitches! It includes both ends of a stethoscope, along with an applique pocket with a pen peeking out. The left and right sides of the stethoscope are done in separate stitch files so that you can position them exactly where they need to go. The pocket is part of the right side file. The smallest size included is best suited for a newborn or preemie size or for teddy bear clothes.

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5 lollipops 8x8
5 lollipops 5x7 or 6x10
Sweet Lollipops Embroidery Design

This machine embroidery design is just too sweet! It includes 5 lollipops fanned out above the word “sweet.” The sticks are satin embroidery. The 4×4 is also satin for the letters and candy. The 5×7 and 6×10 sizes are satin letters with fill candy. The 8×8 is all fill for both the letters and candy.

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Vote square applique
Vote Square with Star Applique Embroidery Design File

Make your voice heard, get out there and vote! This design features the phrase “VOTE” in applique and set on a square with an embroidered star inside of the letter O.

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Love Avengers Applique
LOVE Avengers Applique and Embroidery Design

Love superheroes? Show it! A parody of the famous pop art piece, this applique design has the word “LOVE” set on a square incorporated with Avengers references. The L has a pair of torn shorts and an archery bow in front as well as a panther tooth necklace. In place of the O is a patriotic shield with a heart in the middle. The V is formed from the center of the arc reactor and Thor’s hammer sits in front. The E has been stylized with spider webs and a black widow spider crawling on it.

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VOTE Applique 6x10
VOTE Applique 4x4
Vote Applique Embroidery Design File

Make your voice heard, get out there and vote! This design features the phrase “#VOTE” with an applique box behind the letter V and the V stylized to look like a check mark. For the 4×4, the letters are satin stitch, on the larger sizes, the letters are tatami stitch.

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