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Bee Sweet SVG File Cutting Template

Bees? Show off your sweet side with this adorable bee themed design. Includes the phrase “bee sweet” with a bee and honeycomb. Comes with a couple variations for the bee and the bees can also be used without the words. Also includes single color versions.

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Paper Airplane with Heart Trail SVG File Cutting Template

This adorable SVG design features a paper airplane flying with a heart trail behind it. The airplane can be made as a single layer or multi-layer design.

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Independence Day Patriotic Swag Rainbow SVG File Cutting Template

Show off your patriotic side with this Independence Day 4th of July design. It features a stars and stripes swag that can also be used upside down for a patriotic rainbow. Also includes a single layer version.

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With Great Power SVG File Cutting Template

This SVG design features the words “With great power…” with a spider hanging down from the words. Also includes a single color version.

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Train Engine SVG File Cutting Template

This cute train engine SVG is perfect for train lovers! Also includes a single color version.

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Will Stop for Cookies SVG File Cutting Template

Show your support for your favorite cookie peddler with this adorable SVG design. Features the phrase “will stop for cookies” with two round chocolate drizzled coconut-caramel cookies in place of the Os. Also includes a single color version.

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Lattice Crust Pie SVG File Template

This SVG design features the top view of a pie with a lattice crust. The design comes in 3 variations:

  • with gaps between the crust strips to create the lattice effect
  • with interwoven strips for the lattice crust
  • with a simplified lattice crust grid without any weaving or gaps
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Centurion Helmet SVG File Cutting Template

You won’t have to wait 2000 years for this SVG design. It features a Roman Centurion helmet and the words “2000 years I waited.” The helmet can also be used without the words. Also includes a single color version.

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Rhinestone Christmas Peppermint SVG File Template

This Christmas design really sparkles! This template allows you to make a peppermint candy out of SS10 size rhinestones.

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Pride buttons
LGBT+ Pride Balls SVG File Cutting Template

Catch yourself some LGBT+ pride with this parody SVG design! Features balls with pride stripes on top. Includes coloring for 9 pride flags, or change the colors to represent whatever flag you like. Use them separately or together. Included flag color schemes are:

  • Asexual
  • Bisexual
  • Gay
  • Genderqueer
  • Intersex
  • Lesbian
  • Nonbinary
  • Pansexual
  • Transgender
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Peeking Cat SVG File Cutting Template

This adorable kitty SVG design feature a cute cat peeking up and batting its paw. Comes in single and multi-layer versions.

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Cat and Dog Paw Print Heart SVG File Cutting Template

Love kitty toe beans and muddy puppy paws? This adorable set of SVG designs features pet paw prints that form a heart and lone larger paw print on one side. This is a great design for adding in your pet’s name or other text using the heart as a frame.

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Seasonal Unicorn Crowns SVG File Cutting Template Set

This adorable set of unicorn designs features 6 different unicorns. There is a basic unicorn, a winter unicorn with snowflakes, a Valentine’s Day unicorn with hearts, a St. Patrick’s Day unicorn with a shamrock, a Christmas unicorn with holly, and a back to school unicorn wearing glasses and eating an apple. Each unicorn can have a rainbow or single color horn and can be done with or without the muzzle. The basic unicorn also comes in a single color version.

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Thanksgiving Subway Art SVG File Template

This subway word art design features words related to Thanksgiving. Looks great in one or many colors! Also includes 3 leaf graphics nestled within the words. Perfect for holiday decorating!

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Teddy Bear SVG File Cutting Template

This adorable teddy bear SVG design is too cute! Includes lots of adorable details such as stitching on the tummy. Also includes a single color version.

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