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Periodic Element 1
Periodic Table Elements Applique Embroidery Designs

Showing off your love of science is elementary with these periodic table applique designs! Choose which element(s) you want and save when you buy more than one! See the full description below for the discount details.

Each element design includes the element’s letter symbol, atomic number, and atomic mass units inside of an applique rectangle.

Please note, we haven’t completed digitizing the entire periodic table yet. But all completed elements will be listed here once they are available for purchase.

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grandparents bundle
I Heart My Grandparents Embroidery Design Bundle

This embroidery set features 5 embroidered designs that say “I [heart symbol] my [grandparent title].” The five grandparent titles are grandparents, grandma, grandpa, nana, and papa.

$15.00 $8.00
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January 2019 Winter Wonderland Bundle_Embroidery
January 2019 Winter Wonderland Embroidery Bundle

This special themed bundle contains 10 machine embroidery and applique designs for one low price! This month’s theme is Winter Wonderland and each design is related to snow or cold winter weather. The 10 included designs are:

  • Snowman with scarf applique
  • Delicate snowflake embroidery
  • Snow mittens with the words “I [heart] snow” applique
  • Frozen snowflake split embroidery
  • Snowman face applique
  • Snowflakes with a trio of the words “Let it snow” embroidery
  • Winter mittens applique
  • Snowflake with the words “Let it Go” embroidery
  • Winter “Jayne” hat with flaps and a poof applique
  • Simple snowflake embroidery
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Level Up! Video Birthday Applique Embroidery Design Bundle

Celebrate your little gamer’s new age milestones with this video game themed applique design bundle. Along the left side the design says, “Level up!” and across the bottom it says “New age achieved!” The middle of the design has an applique number to be done in two different fabrics so that it looks like a life meter. The bundle includes numbers 1 through 11 for a total of 11 applique designs.

$44.00 $22.00
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Sports initials applique set square
S for Soccer applique
Sports Initials Applique Embroidery Design Bundle

This sports bundle features an applique letter above the embroidered name of the sport. Seven sports are included:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Cheer
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Teeball
$21.00 $10.00
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chevron egg raggy heart edge
Raggy Chevron Easter Egg Applique Embroidery Design Set

This is a machine embroidery design set of three Easter eggs with chevron stripes, perfect for Easter. Could be done as either a raggy applique or as linework embroidery.

The set features 3 different finishes for the outer edge of the eggs:

  • Regular straight stitch
  • Diamond shaped lace embroidery
  • Heart shaped lace embroidery
$9.00 $6.00
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Geometric Doctors Redwork Embroidery Design File Set
Geometric Doctors Redwork Embroidery Design File Set
Geometric Doctors Redwork Embroidery Design File Set

Inspired by The Doctor, this is a set of redwork line art portraits, done in geometric style. On a space type fabric with white thread, it could look like a constellation. Includes Doctors 9 through 12 plus the War Doctor.

$15.00 $10.00
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LGBTQIA Pride Embroidery Design File Set
LGBTQIA Pride Embroidery Design File Set
LGBTQIA Pride Embroidery Design File Set

Show off your LGBTQIA+ support in style! This is a set of 3 designs. Features the words “PRIDE,” “PROUD,” and “ALLY” with hearts at the ends.

Each letter is a different color. You could do it as a rainbow, or use the colors from different pride flags. Rainbow Border around proud on the bracelet is not part of the design.

$9.00 $6.00
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Custom Periodic Elements Machine Applique Embroidery Design
Custom Periodic Elements Machine Applique Embroidery Design
Custom Periodic Elements Machine Applique Embroidery Design

Write your own phrase using the periodic table of elements! Price is based on how many individual elements (characters) you need to create your word or phrase. The rectangle around each element is applique.

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Sweet 16 BASKETBALL Applique Embroidery Design Bundle
Sweet 16 BASKETBALL Applique Embroidery Design Bundle

Save by buying as a set! (If purchased separately, these 16 designs would total over $60).

This is a SET of 16 applique and embroidery designs with a basketball theme. Comes with the following designs:

1) Basketball applique
2) Basketball applique split
3) Basketball and hoop split
4) Basketball clover
5) “Bracketology” with a basketball for the O
6) Applique “B” with the words “basket ball” underneath in sports team style lettering
7) “Keep calm and shoot” with a basketball and net
8) “March Madness” with a basketball M
9) “LOVE” with a basketball heart for the O
10) “Pro Dribbler” with a bouncing basketball
11) “Sports geek” with a basketball wearing nerdy glasses
12) “Dontcha wish your SISTER could SHOOT like me?” with a basketball and hoop
13) “Dontcha wish your BROTHER could SHOOT like me?” with a basketball and hoop
14) “My bracket is better than your bracket” with a bracket image
15) Peace, love, basketball icons applique
16) “I got game” with a basketball bouncing into the O spot

See additional listing photos for larger previews of each design.

$61.00 $20.00
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Kiss Me Applique Embroidery Bundle Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day

Bundle and save with this set of TEN machine applique & embroidery files to embroider the words “kiss me” with various design graphics. Some designs are for Valentine’s Day, some are for St. Patrick’s Day, and some work for both.

There are 5 different designs with two versions each: one in a modern sans serif, the other has the words in cursive. The 5 designs are:

❤ A large 4 leaf clover made from 4 applique hearts spaced close together
❤ A grouping of 4 applique hearts
❤ Embroidered lips as the dot for the i
❤ An applique heart as the dot for the i
❤ A small embroidered shamrock as the dot for the i

$36.00 $14.00
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Christmas Ornament Set-03
Holiday Ornament Set of 6 Applique Embroidery Designs

This is a set of six holiday ornament applique embroidery designs includes:

  • round ornament
  • round ornament with a circle for a monogram
  • onion-shaped ornament
  • onion-shaped ornament with a circle for a monogram
  • teardrop-shaped holiday ornament
  • vintage fancy antique shape ornament
$24.00 $12.00
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Gingerbread plush set
Gingerbread Boy and Girl Plush Toy in the Hoop ITH Embroidery Design Set

This is a set of two in the hoop embroidered plush designs including a gingerbread boy with a bow tie and a gingerbread girl with a hair bow. This set is perfect for Christmas! Great for use as toys or as holiday decorations!

$9.50 $7.00
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