Napkin Folding Tutorial

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‘Tis the season for entertaining! These 4 simple but beautiful cloth napkin folds will make your holiday table look oh-so elegant. And they’re not just for Thanksgiving or Christmas, these also help make any special occasion just a little more special, be it Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or a wedding!

You should also note, that while cloth napkins are square(ish), they’re rarely perfectly square. So don’t fret about getting the folds completely perfect. Napkin folding is very forgiving!

Also, if you are going for the napkin ring fold but don’t have any napkin rings, ribbon, strips of pretty paper, or other items can make beautiful makeshift rings.

Classic Pyramid Fold:

  1. Fold in half along the diagonal
  2. Bring the left and right point down toward the bottom point
  3. Fold in half, but with the creases on the outside of the fold
  4. Fold in half, with the lose ends inside
  5. Stand up with the raw napkin edges down

Napkin Tutorial Pyramid

Silverware Pocket Fold:

  1. Fold in half lengthwise, with the folded edge at the bottom
  2. Fold in half again, to the left
  3. Pull a single layer of the top left corner down to fold along the diagonal
  4. Fold back the left side about one third of the way
  5. Fold back the right half
  6. Make sure your pocket is in front
  7. Put silverware into the pocket

Silveware Holder Napkin Tutorial

Fleur de Lis Glass Fold:

  1. Fold in half along the diagonal
  2. Fold up the bottom so that the paint is about 2 inches above the top crease
  3. Fold in half
  4. Accordion fold the flop on top into thirds or fourths, trying to keep the width of your folds consistent
  5. Flip over and repeat for the other flap using the same fold width
  6. Place into a glass with the flat side in the glass and the pointed side sticking out up top
  7. Allow the top to fan out naturally

Fleur de Lis Glass Fold Tutorial

Offset Flower Fold for Napkin Ring:

  1. Fold in half, but slightly offset, almost halfway between lengthwise and on the diagonal
  2. Grab the napkin at the middle of the crease, at the bottom
  3. Pull through a napkin ring by this point and position the napkin ring about halfway up

Ring Napkin fold

PIN Napkin

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