It’s A Wrap!

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‘Tis the season for wrapping presents! We’ve compiled a few of our favorite tips for creating beautiful wrapping jobs that are also quick and easy to do! And many of these tips also work for birthday, bride, and baby gifts too!

No bow? Just use ribbon!

wrap-curly-ribbon1. Tie 3 to 6 pieces of curling ribbon to your package. You can either use all the same color, or use multiple colors that match the wrapping paper, as we have shown here.
2. Curl the ribbon by placing the ribbon between the blade of a pair of scissors and your thumb, starting at the knotted side, then sliding the scissors down the length of the ribbon.
3. After the ribbons are all curled, starting at the knotted end, split each ribbon in half lengthwise. Most curling ribbon will split very easily with just your fingers, but you can also use scissors to get it started.

Good gift wrap doesn’t always come from the gift wrap aisle

wrap-unconventionalNewspaper, sewing patterns, sheet music, kraft paper, book pages, maps, your children’s drawings, and even fabric can all make for beautiful gift wrap.

Use ornaments and other items as a package decorations

wrap-gift-topperInexpensive ornaments from the dollar store make adorable embellishments to add to your wrapping job and end up being much less expensive than the package embellishments found in the gift wrap aisle. Plus, it also acts as a bonus present! (And who doesn’t like bonus gifts?)

Have an odd shaped gift? Treat it like candy!

wrap-odd-packageMost of us can navigate wrapping a box, but those strangely shaped packages can be a little harder to get a handle on. Save yourself some headaches by wrapping it up like a piece of candy! Simply roll the item in some pretty gift wrap, then use ribbons to tie each end closed.

Last year’s cards make this year’s gift tags

wrap-tagUpcycle cards you have lying around into adorable gift tags. Just cut out images from the cards, glue them to a matching paper background, and add a string.

What are your best wrapping tips?

We hope these tips will help you get your holiday wrapping all wrapped up! (See what we did there?)

Now tell us some of yours!

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    Awesome gift wrapping ideas!

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