HELP! Suddenly JEF Files Aren’t Working!

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Recently all of our JEF testers started having trouble opening our files. We’re talking about people that had previously tested for us without issue. Out of nowhere, they were no longer able to open our designs on their machines. They each successfully download the files to their computers, verified that the files downloaded to their machines by looking in the explorer or finder, and transferred the files to their USB drives. But when they inserted their USB drives into their machines, the machines could not see the files!

Right away we called the software support line for the software that we use to digitize our designs. They looked up the JEF format and asked us to confirm that our testers were saving the designs in the My Design folder inside the EMBF5 folder on the USB drive. We verified this with our testers. We even had testers try fresh USB sticks and it did not make a difference. Our testers tried several different machines between the lot of them – different people with different machines, in different countries – and each one encountered the same issue.

We asked our testers if there had been any firmware updates. Nobody had noticed any. The tech support did not have any other suggestions.

We were all ready to pull out our hair and toss out our machines and computers!

We decided to take a closer look at how we were creating the JEF designs. In general, we digitize designs with the software set to universal hoop sizes: 100 x 100 mm (4 x 4 inches), 130 x 180 mm (5 x 7 inches), 150 x 240 mm (6 x 10 inches), and 200 x 200 mm (8 x 8 inches). When we are ready to test the designs we export them into the 11 formats that we offer. For everything except the PES and JEF formats, we just run the export command and select the format. When selecting the PES or JEF format our software prompts us to select a hoop. When we select the PES hoop while exporting, the PES design works fine. PES has always worked fine and no one has reported anything to the contrary. We used to select the JEF hoop during export the same way and, as noted above, that worked as well without issue. But the JEF hoops are not the same size as the universal hoops. So, once these JEF issues started, we began selecting the JEF hoop in the design itself before going to export.

We are happy to report that this fixed the problem!

Now we export all other formats first then change to the appropriate JEF hoop and export in JEF format last. So if you are a digitizer and you have recently experienced this issues, we recommend saving the following hoop sizes and opening your designs in these sizes before exporting them:

4×4: Universal 100×100 – Janome 126×110
5×7: Universal 130×180 – Janome 140×200
6×10: Universal 150×240 – Janome 230×300
8×8: Universal 200×200 – Janome 220×220

Did you run into this issue as either a designer or a customer? If so, how were you able to fix it? Did our suggestion work for you?

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