Use an SVG Design Without a Cutting Machine

With a printer and photo transfer paper you can also use SVG designs as an iron on decal without a cutting machine. You can also edit the size and color of the SVG design. Additionally, for paper crafters, some designs can be printed to be cut by hand. (Please note that certain design elements that are intricate or small may not lend themselves to hand cutting).

There are a couple different software options that will allow you to open SVG files without a cutting machine, as well as allowing you to change the size and colors as needed. Choose the software below that best suits your needs.


Inkscape is free vector editing software with similar capabilities to Adobe Illustrator. In addition to opening and editing existing SVG files, you can also use it to create your own SVG files from scratch. Use of Inkscape requires downloading the free software to your computer.

For a video tutorial on how to use Inkscape to edit and print SVG designs, visit the link below:

Written Instructions for using Inkscape to edit and print SVG designs can be found below:


While Photopea is more like Photoshop than Illustrator, it will still allow you to open and make basic changes to SVG files. It is a web-based program and does not require you to install anything on your computer.

For a video tutorial on how to use Photopea with SVG files, visit the link below

Written instructions for using Photopea with SVG files can be found below: