Designed by Geeks is a partnership between Intown Web Pros and Risa Rocks It.

Marisa is a Graphic Artist and Kassondra is a computer aficionado so Marisa designs awesome images and Kassondra digitizes them for computerized sewing machines. Kassondra and Marisa met in an Etsy forum a few years back. We quickly learned that we had a lot in common and when we put our minds together we could come up with some really interesting ideas. We opened our Etsy shop in March 2014 and launched the shop on this website shortly thereafter.

We each get inspired by everyday life. It might be something funny one of our kids says, or something cute one of us sees when out for a walk that will spark an idea. Marisa is always drawing and doodling and many times doodles will evolve into designs. She also creates party decorations for kids and a lot of the ideas we come up with for party themes will also lend themselves well to a product design for our shop.