Once upon a time, a couple of geeky gals named Kassondra and Marisa met in a crafting forum. This is their story.

Hi, I’m Kassondra. And I’m Marisa! And we’re here to pump, you up!

We met in a crafting forum many, many years ago. (Pssst! We’re like, SUPER old.) We got to talking and quickly realized that we had a lot in common. We figured that if we put our minds together, we could come up with some pretty cool ideas. (Minds together figuratively, not literally. Obviously smushing brains together would not yield positive results. Also, we live on opposite ends of the country and have only met IRL like 4 times so our brains haven’t actually been in proximity all that often. But we digress…..)

Marisa, a Graphic Artist by trade, designs awesome images that we use to create all of the products you know and love. We opened our first shop in March 2014 and launched the shop on this website shortly thereafter.

You may have noticed that we can be just a teeny, tiny bit silly. As you will see when browsing our site, we believe fandom should be fun and we’re not above laughing at ourselves! Most of our designs are our take on the seasons, holidays, professions – pretty much anything we encounter in everyday life. You’ll notice that we also LOVE to have fun with our favorite tv shows, books, movies, and toys. Whether it be an alien medical professional getting lost in a book or a couple of cartoon junior royals spending the day at the beach, we love thinking of our faves in random, silly scenarios. 

We put a lot of love into our work and we love what we do! We hope you enjoy shopping on our site.

xoxox ~K&M